Slow Dance School of Taijiquan
Headmaster Steven Bennett



Dim Mak

Liu Ha Ba Fa

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The Slow Dance School of Taijiquan is a full service school of Taijiquan.  We teach Taijiquan as a unified art using modern principles and drawing from the traditional repertory.  Health, combat, spiritual involvement, and stress reduction are examples of the themes presented.  Great emphasis is placed upon teaching the principles of Xue Wei (Qi flow in the meridian system).

Instruction offered includes beginning, intermediate and master push hands classes, Yang Jia and Liu He Ba Fa Form, Stake Standing, Qi Gong, Micro and Macrocosmic Orbit training, as well as combat training - standing and on the ground.

We teach Dian Xue and Dian Mai (Dim Mak), cavity press - meridian press, as the accompanying video clips illustrate.